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Shipping Rates

Things to know

Shipping rates in Pro2Store work in one of 2 ways, flat rate and by weight.

Flat rate is a simple number value which gets added to the shipping total when the product is added to the cart.

Wieght rate is a little more complex. It calculates the shipping charge based on the customers address based on the weight of the product.

This allows you to set different shipping rates for different zones.

Setting a Flat Rate

Flat rates are the simplest shipping rate to set. This is a number value that gets added to the shipping total in the cart.

Step 1

In the Pro2Store backend component, navigate to the product you wish to edit and scroll down to find the Product Shipping section:

Step 2

Under the "Shipping Mode" option, select "Flat Rate". This should then reveal an input for the Flat Fee rate.

Step 3

Now you can enter the shipping fee in the "Flat Fee" input. This will now tell Pro2Store's cart system to add a shipping fee for this product.

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