Pro2Store must always have a default currency set, whether or not you're using the Currency Switcher.


A default currency is usually set during the Setup Wizard Process, however, it important to be sure that a default currency is selected in the Pro2Store backend component.

Activating a Currency

Pro2Store comes with every currency you could need to run a store anywhere in the world. All you need to do is activate the currencies you need. To activate a currency to Pro2Store, follow these steps below.

Step 1

Navigate to the Pro2Store Component and look for "Currencies" on the sidebar menu. 

This will load a currency table with all available currencies.

Step 2

Find the currency you wish to activate. You can find the currencies you need by either using the text search:

Or by reordering the table:

Step 3

Activate your chosen currency by clicking the "x" icon to turn it green:

Step 4

Now that your currency is activated, set a "rate". A rate is how the currency will convert in relation to your default currency (which is always set to rate = 1). 

So if your default currency was say, Euro and you just activated Pound Sterling, then you might want to set the "rate" of Pound Sterling to "0.91". (

Now your new currency will be available in the currency switcher module.

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