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Adding a Product

Pro2Store has a unique way of managing Products that leverages the Joomla Article System to allow you to use the Yootheme Pro Builder as a single page, as well as the new Dynamic Content System. Here's a step by step guide to adding a product.

Important Note

Creating a Pro2Store Product Item also creates a matching Joomla Article. So when you save a Pro2Store Product, a new Joomla article is created with the corresponding fields filled - such as images, tags, intro text and full text.


It's important becuase, having the Pro2Store system create a Joomla article means you can use the the full Yootheme Pro builder system on a single page - as well as the new Dynamic Content system.

It also allows you to use common Joomla tools, like 3rd Party SEF Urls components, caching plugins, CDN plugins etc. since Pro2Store products are simply Joomla Articles, most common Joomla extensions and enhancments will work with Pro2Store Product pages.

Step 1

Navigate to the Pro2Store Component and look for "Products" on the sidebar menu. 

Now look for the "Add Product" Link. This will load the Add Product from.

Exploring the "Add Product From"

Control Bar:

The Control Bar has a title and 3 button options.

"Quick Save" will save the item while remaining on the form. "Save & Publish" will save the item and navigate back to the product list and "Cancel" will not save the item and navigate back to the product screen.

NOTE: The button controls will be disabled until all the required form fields are filled in.

Product Details:

This section allows you to set a Product title as well as the intro text and full text of the Product. These correspond to the Title and the intro text and full text of the Joomla article.


The Images section provides to "Dropzones". These zones allow you to drag and drop any image to immediately begin uploading. Alternatively, you can click a dropzone to open a window on your filesystem to choose an image.

Product Shipping:

The Product Shipping section allows you to decide how you would like to manage shipping for this product. There are 2 options:

  1. Flat Rate Shipping
  2. By Weight Shipping

Flat Rate shipping will simply charge a single shipping fee for the item. You can add the cost in the text box that appears when you choose "Flat Rate".

By Weight shipping will calculate shipping based on the set weight. The rate is then calculated using the Country/Zone Shipping Rates in the Main Pro2Store Shipping Section (Read More here). Pro2Store will read the wieght of the item and the zone of the customers address, the apply whatever rate is set.



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